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My artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If there is an issue and you see someone taking my artwork. Please Notify me, thank you.


Feb 21, 2017
5:15 am
Feb 21, 2017
2:46 am
Feb 21, 2017
1:42 am
Feb 20, 2017
11:50 pm
Feb 20, 2017
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MEME INTENSIFIES<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If I was to make sellable adoptables how much would you pay? (CAD) 

31 deviants said 10$
8 deviants said 15$
7 deviants said 25$
5 deviants said Other (comment how much and why)
5 deviants said 20$


preach it.

This is why mark is my role model.
I found DI's theme

This version of Wildfire is beautiful!

p.s. this is DI

Her0brining DI Ref redux by Herobrineing

Refs So Far by Herobrineing
The cold is so bad here that I can hardly move my fingers.
I can't draw at all @ _@

This day went from irritating, to okay, to a huge piss off.

Well. perhaps there's still some good to the rest of my night left...
Don't poke a bear and expect nothing to happen you know. You don't know what set of teeth they might have.

Stay off of my GF's page. And stop stealing and Frakenstineing [The definition means; stitching other artist's work together, editing it, and calling it your own original work]. That includes the vengeance comic.

Taking her hair flairing up, inverting the queenly outfit.

Tarify by Carify

Not to mention. I caught you more than once stalking her page!…
Don't see it? let's zoom in.…

And I noticed you took from the pose from


From Her Entity_303 Google+…

Here's the frankenstine
And that's not the only one ether..

Mature Content

... by MarShine…

Marshine. You are not fooling anyone, you are on thin Ice. Leave me and my Girlfriend Carify alone.

Do not try to lie to me, you are full of nonsence.

This is like the third or fifth time we caught you taking stuff. If you want people to lay off you and all of that. Then stop stitching pictures together! You are only hurting yourself!

You really disappoint me.


Thu Jan 26, 2017, 10:45 PM
Wow. I'm looking back at my old stuff and I'm going like;
Damn bri. you changed so much!

From the span of 4-5 years.. holy shit!
He started off small and was on tumblr...

Brineary... You use to be some virus based being With these forms;

Brineary Viral form [True brineary] by Herobrineing

No forgiveness no way out by Herobrineing
True brineary by Herobrineing

Brineary Awakened Concept by Herobrineing

Awakened Brineary concept 3 by Herobrineing

Devilbrine Re-design by Herobrineing

[[Newist version]]
Awaken Brie [wip] by Herobrineing

And with this look;

Herobrine Re-Design(2)[GOLDEN DAYS BRINEARY] by Herobrineing

Brine Update Golden-days Brineary by Herobrineing Herobrine and Brineary differences [quickdraw] by Herobrineing
Hairy Situation [Choosing between hairstyles] by Herobrineing
Brineary's Hair goes oldschool by HerobrineingRedrawn Herobrineing concept by Herobrineing
The Binding Wrath [GOLDEN DAYS BRINEARY] by HerobrineingDON'T HATE ME CAUS... by Herobrineing

Pixelmation brineary by HerobrineingNonboxie Brineing by Herobrineing
Entity 303 Brineary Meme by HerobrineingAnon wanted booty by Herobrineing
 [Back in the anti-303 days wow]

Brineary's  hoodcape by HerobrineingOrder and Chaos [out of Date] by Herobrineing
follows 800+ by Herobrineing

Seriously! He use to be just some minecraft character before I made him more than what he is today! He is VERY well known in tumblr and it's where he started from, From a Herobrine look-alike to something completely different! look at him now!

Brineary Ref sheet by HerobrineingKing Of Guardians, God of Chaos by HerobrineingThe Deadly Duo by Herobrineing
Chaotic by nature by Herobrineing[Comic Test] Come hither by HerobrineingI will carry hell to your doorstep by Herobrineing
Who needs a queen? by Herobrineinglife as usual by HerobrineingAnger by HerobrineingBrineary Desktop Bg by Herobrineing

And the first time I made roggy too!
Introducing the twin by Herobrineing Twin brother Rogziel by Herobrineing
Rogziel doodlez by HerobrineingThe Four Armed Beast [Primal Rogziel concept] by Herobrineing

This stuff is so old! but if you look at it from old-to-new. He changed so much! It explains so much why people could not see from the last situation. It makes sense. Holy shit.

Roggy now;

Brineary's brother [Rogzial revamp sketch] by Herobrineing

And then I revised an old character wich originally started the ringed eye. A character older than brineary...

Oh Mr Insanity by HerobrineingMR I practice Doodle by Herobrineing
MR.Insanity [finished] by Herobrineing
Mr I.

MR I [concept] by HerobrineingReturn of Insanityman by Herobrineing

Throne on Insanity [WIP] by HerobrineingInsanityman Re-uploaded by Deltaface

Man... I did so much of these characters.

Refs So Far by Herobrineing

And the newist member... V

[V] Vendetta [Updated] by Herobrineing

Now enough of Mr I, V and Roggy. This is all about brineary!

Prince of the 5th [SPEEDPAINT] by Herobrineing

And now... Here we have brineary on what he has become today...

His own species.
Brineary's Bio Sheet [Read Bio details below] by Herobrineing

With a backstory... History...

Brinary's Hair Update by HerobrineingAnd I SAID by Herobrineing

Drama, Charm. And humor...

And he's always
Brineary's markings Update by Herobrineing


He still uses digital magic along with a few other aspects. Being able to control the water element [perfferablly] Even tho he is all about Chaos and magic.

But even then... He's got some quirks that people seem to love about him.

When I first made him. I wanted people to enjoy. love to hate. But all iIgot was love.

It's Brineary who brought me up to where I am today. And it is YOU GUYS. And YOUR SUPPORT. Who helped me get so far...

And for that, For real guys...

I love you all... Even if I don't always show it...

Carify ...

Thank you for being so true to me. And making me a stronger person than I use to be. I love you so much babe... Thank you.,


SDI Herobrineing [Shapeshifter]
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Taken by :iconcarify:

Want to catch my attention or See other fanart of brineary?
then go to here;
Welcome to my page~

Creative Commons License
My artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

If there is an issue and you see someone taking my artwork. Please Notify me, thank you.

Entity OHHH icon by Herobrineing

Team Instinct stamp by poppliio No children allowed by MarioMustang

Entity_303 Stamp by craftHayley44

Darkrai Rise Stamp by Squidacious I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh
Taurus Zodiac stamp by r0ckmom I'm a Taurus Stamp by WolfHige Demisexual by alexvee Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Shapeshifter Stamp by youkai-hime:thumb99149090: Stamp: Chaos by Scotston

.:Disagreement:. by Mitochondria-Raine Stamp - License To Steal by stop-tracing DA is not another Photobucket by rock--star Stealing is....stamp by foo-dog My Art Isn't Your Stock Stamp by Smitkins
Pro anti SteveXHerobrine by Herobrineing No Incest Stamp by No-OOC-Pairings-Club Drama makes me sick by SheilaBrinson I love dragons by Ghostwalker2061 I love black stamp by violetsteel stamp: I support ABS by MoNyOh MARVEL Thor + Hulk Stamp by TwilightProwler digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner

Brineary :iconbrineary:/:iconbronary: is owned by
:iconherobrineing: also known as :icondeltaface: (Deltaface), My second/ Miscellaneous art

And here's my sonic account, where most of my sonic stuff goes in to; :iconspritsosonicproblems:

Herobrineing Skype: Herobrineing [from Canada]

Note: When adding you must tell me who you are, online, on DA/Tumblr, just for safety percautions.



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